Monday, February 25, 2002

This site12:00 AM - New message board

As usual, I've been slow in updating anything here. But, I thought I'd mention that I've been making a little progress on my new design, in getting it ready and stuff. In addition to my guestbook, I now also have a message board. Go ahead and post whatever topic you want there, although if you're just some random weirdo who likes to post strings of epithets or insults, go off on whoever, etc., on people's message boards, I do have delete privileges, so your post won't last terribly long.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Friday, February 22, 2002

This site12:00 AM - Goodbye Bravenet, Hello Wired-Wolf

Wow, it's been a while again. I just haven't had a whole lot to talk about I guess. But, I do want to say that, after a very short-lived time, my Bravenet message forum is going bye-bye. Of course, since I haven't seen anyone sign it, except for me first saying "Welcome" and then saying it's going away infavor of another, I doubt anyone even noticed it was there. (Not that I made a big announcement of it; I just put a link to it on the right, along with the current weather, my ICQ statuses (statii?), etc.

I have my new forum pretty much the way I like it. A person going there repeatedly might notice changes here and there, as I add tidbits, but basically it's ready to go. There are even some messages there already. So, without further ado, here's my new forum!

Heh, another thing, is I had to change my arrangement of webpoll results on the Links page (yet again) because one moved and two more just disappeared. I really do have enough I need to make a separate page for them. I can still link them with my links, but to view the results it really ought to go to a separate page. They just take up too much space!

Finally, and perhaps most important, you can now get to Squeeker's Tribute on this server. Yea! Those of you few who have been here, but not my other site, won't have seen it before, so feel free to look at all the pictures and stories I have about my fur angel.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one