Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life10:56 AM - I can see again

Well, I can see sharply again. Got out of the habit of wearing my contacts a good year or so ago, and never picked back up wearing my glasses (which I've since managed to lose). So, when J and I went to pick up his glasses when they came in to replace the 3 year old ones that broke, I made an appointment for a checkup plus glasses & contacts.

I have my contacts, and am getting used to them again. Stuck with RGPs. Even though I'm starting at ground zero, it's been a lot easier this time, simply because I know what to expect so the "breaking in" period isn't as ridiculously annoying. I ended up wearing 'em 6.5 or so hours yesterday (they say to start at 4, then go up an hour till you're at 8 and then you're good for all day). Mostly today they've been feeling sticky so I should probably get out the natural tears from my purse. I haven't 'cause I'm lazy and need a mirror.

I should have my backup pair of glasses in "7-10 days" from yesterday, so some time next week. I am thinking of wearing them occasionally even if my eyes aren't bugging me, just 'cause I think they're cool. I tried finding a pic, but without remembering the brand I failed. If I happen to find it on the paperwork from the optometrist I might try again. They're thin blue stainless steel frames with a smallish oval eyeglass shape, and I thought they were nifty. :) I sprung for the carbon fiber lenses (they're UV protecting, thinner, lighter, and more durable) and the antiglare coating.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Games & Gaming Life Music01:03 PM - Weekend yayness

New toy happened first. We were up at the Cross Keys shopping center for Qdoba (both of us), Beauty Brands' liter sale (me, but buying J another bottle of shampoo, which was included in the sale so woot), and GameStop (J). Well... my birthday is coming up, and since J's always bugging me when I don't have any gift ideas (and other than this, this year would've been no different)... I'm now the new owner of a black DS lite plus Brain Age and Sudoku. Mario Kart and Tetris DS are now on my birthday list 'cause buying 4 games at once would not've been a great idea. :p

Two questions for those of you who already own one: (1) Does one have to have a Wifi-using game to set up the Wifi connection to our home router (and will it do WPA? 'cause otherwise it ain't happening) and (2) once I get Mario Kart, would any of you folks wanna play some time?

Awesome concert happened yesterday evening: The Arch High School Reunion tour. It was way cool, and especially given the sweet ticket deal we got (where the tickets were cheaper than Ticket Master's fees, which means cheap tickets and that TM is a buncha highway robbers), just 2 of the four bands, had we gone just to see either, justified the cost. The play order: Gin Blossoms, Stray Cats, The Pretenders, and ZZ Top. Holy shit. I think I agree with J that #2 and #3 should've been switched, but damn. The first 3 played half hour sets, and ZZ Top played a straight 90 minute set, which rocked ass. Plus they played Hendrix in the form of Foxy Lady. Between them and Brian Setzer, the guitar riffs were just astounding, and the Stray Cats' bass player and drummer were both incredible to boot. And ZZ Top were totally wicked with their dirty old man schtick here & there. :D Not that I didn't like Gin Blossoms or The Pretenders, but in terms of totally rocking out, they weren't nearly as crazy. It was definitely a concert worth attending. (Also, I got to practically solo a really loud WOOHOO because in between sets, the radio DJs were on stage doing stuff, including the local ones asking if there were any folks in attendance that went to their particular HS. Mine was one of them, who'da thunk it?)

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Fun stuff12:32 PM - Another musical YouTube video

This time, it's the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Played by one guy with two guitars. The guy has several other videos as well, though I've yet to watch them. Probably won't till I get home.

And yes, I know that's all I've been posting, is awesome or funny links from my coworkers. I do have real post coming up shortly, however.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun stuff10:22 AM - The things I get linked

Filipino inmates do "Thriller". How's that for odd entertainment?

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Life07:12 AM - Off to the river

Going on a float trip with my sister and her boyfriend, my dad, and... at least one other person, friend of my sister's I think. She organized a rafting float trip on the Meramec while they're in town, so wheee! Gonna play hookie (well, ok, it's approved...) and have a good time. :D

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Friday, July 20, 2007

This site11:06 AM - All done

All whopping 7 entries are now here. That would be all of June and before the entry before this one in July. (There'd be more but I tend to get less chatty when I can't post on my site, though LJ is right there and I'd post there as well regardless.)

Next "big thing" up: work on getting some vacation pics prepared so I can post 'em and talk about 'em. Those are at home, though, so that will have to wait for the weekend. :)

Edit: Also, all CGIs on CW hosted sites are running FastCGI now, and with the latest MT upgrade I made it supports running that way. So, all this posting has been quite fast with no time-outs. Hopefully commenting will be similar.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

This site02:03 PM - If this post goes through...

I'm hoping this posts successfully, and with no 500 errors. If so, that means I'm up and working again, which would be nice. Couldn't get MT to ever finish doing anything, for the last couple months, so I attempted an upgrade which also wouldn't complete. Very frustrating, especially with nothing hitting the error log. However, I just hit the upgrade script again, it finished (and fast!) and I got to the normal screen.

I'm probably going to chalk it up to the old servers, then the temp servers, not playing nice. Now that the new servers are up and running, and mostly stable I think I'll be able to return to posting again.

Edit: The index template and monthly archive templates (probably obvious to anyone reading this) are broken. Something with the smiley definitions via MTMacros is all I know yet.

Edit #2: Apparently the plugin that does smart line breaking (i.e. xHTML tags and such) isn't working either, because there should be paragraphs in this post, this edit being the 4th. *sigh* Obviously, I don't blame these issues on the server; these are the latest version of MT and at least one plugin at conflict.

Final edit: Somehow half my plugin files didn't copy over. Those are now in place, and everything seems to be working again. Yay. Now I can put the few posts I made in LJ land over here.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun stuff09:40 AM - New take on the Witch Doctor song

I wouldn't have thought this possible. *blink* SFW, but wear your headphones.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Games & Gaming09:33 AM - Lightweight replacement for heavier mods

Reminder to self to cut down mod memory footprint where possible. Two main candidates are CTRaidAssist and TitanPanel with its bits & pieces. Another potential candidate is DamageMeters, if a lightweight version can be found that parses DM data so no one has to switch. Gotta help out that 1.3GHz CPU and its PC133 RAM wherever possible. While this is a reminder to myself mainly, I opened it up to everyone in case anyone would find it interesting, useful, or had any comments about it. Feel free to make suggestions or whatever; there are lots of mods I don't know about, and I haven't done a thorough digging on a lot of what I do have.


  • oRA2 for ready checks, version checks, voting, main tank frames, etc.
  • sRaidFrames for the actual raid frames


  • FuBar for main panel replacement. More fully featured, such as more than 2 bars which can be attached/detached in more places. Applicable plugins for my particular setup: Additional plugins that might be nice:


Caveat: No alternates will send data back to DM, so will need to see if DM can stay running with no GUI, and if so will it reduce the memory footprint.

  • Violation: Can read data from DM and SW Stats as needed. Still considered alpha, and suggests not to replace DM or SW Stats. No screenshots given.
  • SW Stats: Fully featured, potentially more accurate than DM. Memory footprint unknown. No class coloring. Whether it reads DM data is also unknown.
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Life08:42 PM - Home again, home again

We got in a little before 6pm last night, actually. The trip was wonderful, we were spoiled rotten at the B&B, my knees are still cranky from the downhill return on a particular trail that was well worth the ache, and we had a blast while still having a bit of pleasant laziness added in. I'll fill in more details later, but just thought I'd mention that I'm not dead, and that I did manage to get through 3 50-post pages' worth of LJ friends' list, along with most of my webcomics and most of various forums' threads I cared to go through. (No way I'm going through a week's worth of FO threads!)

We (mostly I) took over 2GB of pictures and, at a guess without looking at the final trip odometer, put around 2K miles on my husband's car. I hope to get some of the pics uploaded and showcased, and will probably spend some of my day off Wednesday working on that. Then I can post about our trip, maybe in posts roughly in the order of things we did. ;)

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