Friday, March 29, 2002

Wedding12:00 AM - Wedding update

Yet another long time span has passed since I last said anything here. Not that I haven't had anything to say, just that I haven't had the time to say it here. Anyway... on to what's been going on.

Jeremy and I were able to talk to the man who's going to officiate at our wedding ceremony, and we've started making arrangements. The church is still available (even at the new date) so we'll be getting married there. We're going to discuss the ceremony on April 27 so we can figure out just what we're going to do. All we have to do now is look up the street address for the church, and decide on an exact time for the wedding, and we can order the invitations.

We now have the main flowers and ribbon for my and my bridesmaids' bouquets, and for our families' boutonnieres and corsages. My sister and I went out with a friend of mine looking, and while we found some pretty silk flowers, nothing really caught my eye that the store we were in had enough of. And there really wasn't any ribbon that matched the dresses. Her mom is who's going to be doing a lot of the work on the flowers, and she was home, so we went back out looking with her. We went to a crafts and fabrics store, and looked at ribbon first. They had a lot, and all different kinds. We first found a solid navy ribbon that was a pretty close match, but the light bulb didn't really come on. She then looked in the section of sheer ribbons, figuring there wouldn't be anything. She pulled out a roll, and the color looked pretty good, so she untaped it and pulled out a couple inches, and we held it up to the dress. It couldn't have matched better! It seemed made of the same material and colored with the same dye. Yippie! We almost went to check out with the ribbon, then decided to look at flowers really quick. They didn't have much, but then sort of half buried in a bucket on the floor among other flowers were some really nice white flowers. They were just perfect! They're white roses (not really spread out or showy, but not tightly closed buds either) with the really cool looking plastic dewdrops on them. They had four bunches, each with a dozen flowers, and we bought 'em all. At the register, they rang up as $2.99 per bunch instead of $4.99, so that made it even sweeter.

I worked 13 hours of overtime last week, while sick. Even though that week sucked ass big-time, I got the paycheck for those hours this week, and I tell you it's nice. :) They pay $6.50/hr more for those extra hours than I normally get (I've never really worked overtime before so I didn't know what it would be), so there's that much more to go in the savings account. That's really nice.

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