Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Exercise Games & Gaming Life08:43 AM - So what have I been up to?

A whole lotta not much, if you really sum it up. Been playing WoW most days to reach 70, which I did last night. I'm quite proud of the fact that, given I didn't really take much trouble to save gold per se, I was able to buy my flying mount training and birdie about a half hour or so after. No screenshots yet; went to bed too late last night to snag 'em out of my folder for upload. I must say flying is awesome though, and so is the fact I'll now be able to do all the nifty level 70 5-mans and get keyed for Kharazon.

Things have been pretty quiet. I got my hutch on Valentine's Day; still haven't gotten it fully assembled, just the "easy" stuff. We both simultaneously had the killer cold from hell the first weekend in February, both of us missing a bit of work leading into the weekend. We got to see our nephew and J's sister & brother-in-law weekend before last at his parents' house. He's such a calm child, and I never really heard him being really loud. I'm still hovering at around 138 pounds and still haven't really managed to do any working out besides class, which I missed the Monday after the cold, Valentine's Day, and last Wednesday because the day was horrible and I overslept my nap from serious overtiredness. Yesterday was the start of a brand new session, and I hope to redouble my efforts at not missing class for anything but the strongest of good reasons. Also, now that I'm 70, I'd like to devote time outside my workout class to getting some cardio in again. I'd like to be down to my goal weight (125) by May, which I don't think is unreasonable.

Not much else. Our dishwasher decided to be clogged and leak a few gallons of water all over the kitchen floor last week. What fun. Ended up realizing that using a mop was going to take forever, and got out the wet/dry vac to help. Zephyr (pretty sure it's him) decided yesterday it'd be a great idea to use the corner between the sunroom step (it's down about 6" or so from the level of the kitchen) and the door to the garage as his personal pee-only litterbox. Uhhhh, that's a nice smell to come home to. Litterboxes weren't really particularly nasty either, but since we had most of a bucket of litter I dumped, scoured, dried, and refilled them. Pele coming in as I was finishing topping up and immediately settling in to pee for a rather long while pretty much indicates to me she wasn't the one who made the mess. In the process of permanently getting the mess and smell up (washed the spot; it's now covered in baking soda that I will vacuum up after it's had time to soak up all the smell, at least that's the hope). If it keeps happening in different spots in the house he'll get to make a vet trip; otherwise I'll chalk it up to him being an idiot as usual (he's being as piggy as usual at the food bowl, and seems otherwise his 100% normal self—as is Pele, so I'm not too concerned just yet).

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