Friday, April 29, 2005

Games & Gaming03:18 PM - Courtesy of mladyjade

For those who play WoW...

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life03:31 PM - Bleh, I want new body parts

I want a new immune system: mine is fucked to where it thinks tree pollen and cat dander are violent threats.

I want new sinuses: due to the previous problem, my sinuses spend lots of time being too dry to where the skin inside my nose likes to bleed a bit, too stopped up to smell any damn thing, and dripping like a leaky faucet. I can't smell things as well as I used to, and I feel gypped.

I want a new back: mine hurts.

I want new heels: mine are stupid and hurt all the time.


Yeah, not feeling particularly upbeat today. My neck hurts on the right side horribly because of tensing up while holding my head and right (i.e. "mouse") arm "just so" while playing WoW. My lower-mid back has been super tight lately, probably because of my chair at home, which I suspect because now that it is tight my back hurts the worst when I try to sit remotely straight in that chair. It's allergy season, and my #1 Public Tree Pollen Enemy is oak, which is totally in the red right now. So I've been spending anywhere from an hour or two to, in the case of Sunday, all day miserable with my eyes itching, occasionally being wheezy, and above it all my sinuses (not just my nose, but all up in my face) itching unbearably. This causes lots of watery nasal drip, so I blow my nose. That causes super dry sinuses, which itches even worse, which makes me blow my nose really hard because the violent vibration of nose-blowing relieves the itch momentarily. While it hasn't caused nose bleeds per se, it does make patches of sinus tissue on the surface be kinda bleedy, not entirely unlike a bad rug burn. And finally, my heel spurs (yes, both of them -- after I got my inserts and new walking shoes last year, the left one decided to get in on it too) are bothering me rather a lot. This one's probably my fault: I need to buckle down and do all the damn rehab stretches. I should also go in and get cortisone injections. But... those huuuuuuurt sooooo muuuuuuch. They bring heel spur pain relief but also pain all their own which in a way is worse because you can't do anything, like walking more carefully or staying off your feet, to make that pain go away.

I'm done being bitchy now. Gonna go home and take a nap and maybe I'll be less tired (was up past midnight 'cause of an Uldaman run last night) and that might make me slightly less cranky about all the other shit.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rants02:38 PM - Someone shoot me

How the fuck do you forget how to open a file in a text editor? How do you not only need instructions for it, but then forget them in a matter of an hour's time? And how on earth do you work in IT with an issue this big?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Life03:50 PM - Okay, now to real life stuff

Haven't gotten to play WoW much; none at all yesterday. Probably will play a lot tonight. J's birthday was yesterday, and I'm mad at myself that I didn't have more for him than I did. I had a wonderful woodburn of a polar bear from JB of Catharsis, and I had a card. But I wanted to get him more. I didn't get to shop for him after work yesterday 'cause of the car being stuck in the garage.

Can't say I didn't try. I walked ~2.5 miles yesterday. I thought maybe Fischer's, a sports outfitting/supply type store, would have a particular brand and style of t-shirt, but they didn't. They're over a mile away, and I walked there. Then I crossed over to Save-a-lot to see if they had any cards (though I did have one). They didn't, but they did have Moose Tracks ice cream, his favorite flavor. So, I did at least manage that. On the way back I stopped by a local jewelry store to escape the heat (it was sunny and muggy, and I had jeans and a black t-shirt on) and ask what it'd cost to resize a ring up a half size. I have 2 that are size 7 that don't quite fit my right ring finger. She estimated it'd be about $30 per ring.

J and I grabbed dinner at Hendel's Market. It was sunny so we asked to be seated outside. Not too long after that the clouds started rolling in, with faint thunder in the distance. We were able to order our food and eat through our appetizer and most of our salads before we got up and moved the table under the awning-covered walkway towards the "garden". (Well, I helped him take drinks off the table, and moved my chair out of the way, then he moved the table.) We ate dinner under there, and enjoyed the fresh air.

Yesterday morning Pele found a largish grass spider on the ceiling of the computer room. Eep. She was standing up against the doorframe looking at something, then she followed it around. I figured it was a moth or some other flying thing, looked up and saw a spider booking it across the ceiling. She kept chirping and trying to figure out if she could climb the doorframe, cute thing that she is. I called J in to squash it. By the time he could, it'd moved all the way across the ceiling to the other side of the room.

J and I watched Kill Bill last night after dinner. Awesome. My mind is totally blown though, knowing that David Carradine plays Bill. I cannot get over that. He is not ever, ever supposed to be that kind of bad guy. Never. Nuh-uh, no way no how. However, the movie was enjoyable anyway because they never showed him. :p I'm also still looking forward to Kill Bill 2 even though I know he finally shows his face in it.

My feet hurt extra from all that walking last night, and my back hurts all over for no particular reason. I'm looking forward to getting some rest.

Poor J's gonna be stuck after work tonight doing all his grading and getting it entered into The System. He won't be home later than 7pm 'cause the deadline for the system is 6:30, buuuut he said he's hoping to be home by 5. I hope so, too.

J's family is coming from Jeff City to take him (well, and me too) out to dinner tomorrow night. Probably go to Cancun (the Mexican restaurant, not that part of the world) for it.

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Web Quizzes09:10 AM - Meme city

Meeeeeeeeeeem! I'm playing catch-up, so there are 4 of these rolled into one post. These do kinda give a good idea of various facets of my personality, though.

Real entry later today, hopefully soon but I do have work things to catch up on from missing yesterday, so it could be after lunch instead.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!

Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Moderate
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

Wow, am I nasty or what? But I don't steal from people at least, right? (And I know I took this quiz another time at some point, but apparently I didn't bother to post the results anywhere, or I'm just bad at finding them.)'s Belief-o-Matic

Not a whole lot has changed since I took it a year ago, though there's been a fair amount of rearranging of lower things. The top two are the exact same. Some of that might be because the last time I took it, the quiz was at instead of Then again, I think the quizzes are identical. They could be based on updated information now. I also think I may have felt more "strongly" on a couple more things (i.e. rated a few more things of high importance rather than medium). In any case, I think it's pretty obvious I'm not a hardline religious type with strict rules that I follow; in fact I don't prescribe to any religion, leaning towards atheism, and am fairly socially liberal.

Quiz can be found here.

Computer Geek / Nerd Quiz

My computer geek score is greater than 60% of all people in the world! I am a 'low-rank computer geek'.  How do you compare?

I took this a few days ago so I don't remember all the questions. I can say I'm not an old-school coding purist who prefers Assembly, and I could only pin that picture of that guy down to 2 choices (the other two I already knew their faces).

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

When I took this over a year ago I weighed in at 54%. Now...

Are you Addicted to the Internet?


Hardcore Junkie (61% - 80%)
While you do get a bit of sleep every night and sometimes leave the house, you spend as much time as you can online. You usually have a browser, chat clients, server consoles, and your email on auto check open at all times. Phone? What's that? You plan your social events by contacting your friends online. Just be careful you don't get a repetitive wrist injury...

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Quiz Me!

So I bumped up into the next category, which is probably right.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Life07:10 AM - Well this is stupid

I can't get my car out of the garage. It's off the tracks yet again. Not the physical tracks, but the part that is motor driven, or something. I tried opening it by hand but I'm apparently not strong enough to do so. So... instead of being at work already I'm still at home. And yes, I would've asked J to open it for me but he'd already left. Thing is, if I can open it manually doesn't that mean someone else can too? There is a handle on the outside of the door... Of course, I do lock the door into the garage from the house. Bleh. I already emailed my boss and team leader so they know. I guess I'll just get some (much needed) sleep instead, but as much as I didn't feel like going in today I have shit to get done that now I won't be getting done. Damn, I need a laptop for occasions like this. I could VPN into the network and do my work that way, then.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Games & Gaming Life09:56 AM - Bleh and meh and grblefglegrb

A while back I found a noticable chunk missing from my bottom right middle tooth. After a week or two I got used to it enough that I stopped tonguing it constantly, and then after that it felt normal to me.

Well, I had a dental appointment on Saturday and I mentioned it. He took a look and said it probably ought to be fixed given it's a small tooth already and since it was half the thickness of the tooth at that top corner that left the rest rather thin. So I scheduled an appointment for that and to smooth my top teeth a bit for the Tuesday after Memorial Day, after work, and went on my way.

They called yesterday to say they had a cancellation, and asked if I'd like to coem in and have my tooth filled. I thought for a moment, to make sure there wasn't anything else I was forgetting, then said yes.

I went in, and drilling in such cases still has to be done just a touch, to make the surface grippy enough for the new stuff to bond to the tooth. Well... he apparently just touched a nerve, twice, while doing so (not enough for me to yelp really loud, just... owww, given he'd numbed me pretty damn well already). Now it's sensitive. By sensitive, I mean cold and hot hurt pretty badly, and after eating dinner last night it was rather sore in that way that only teeth can be sore, and sensitive just to ambient air from breathing. I called my dad and he suggested aspirin first, then if that doesn't take care of it to step up to the ibuprofen and if still no-go call the dentist to see about a scrip, plus added that sometimes warm (NOT hot) tea can be soothing. Well, the aspirin helped some for an hour or two after it hit my system, but the ibuprofen seems to be a lot more helpful. Tea didn't help much but it did taste good. :)

So... teeth hurty. Depending on where we go for food (DAMN, I'm gonna have to borrow a couple bucks, I totally forgot about the ATM this morning!), I'll probably be picking apart whatever sandwich I get so I don't have to bite into anything.

Meanwhile, I owe much props to Mark for the Scarlet Monastery trip. Woo! Both my husband's alt and I went with him, though for some of it J used his level 60 druid to speed things up a bit. (He later told me that both his alt, a level 42 mage, and Mark's level 46 pally do more damage than his level 60 druid; his druid can just take a lot better hit than his mage. I was the lowest damage dealer of the group with my 42-43 -- I leveled halfway through -- humter. *weeps*) We tore through that sumbitch, and only wiped when we tried to make a run for it through the first instance after they'd all respawned. Mark says he got a screenshot so I have to check that out; it was... wow, the sea of red with all the Scarlet mobs' names all packed together. We'd already done the Mythology of the Titans part the night before, plus killed 1/4 for In the Name of the Light (?) so we did the other three. Hehehehe... after we killed Herod, the first one we tackled, all these level 30 non-elites (the rest of the place is all elites) came pouring down the stairs at us. I didn't even realize what level they were or their non-elite status because I was too busy gaping wondering WTF we were gonna do, and looking at Kel & Nova just stand and wait for them to get there. Heh... little did I know there was nothing to worry about. Nova, the mage, spammed some particular AoE 4 times (it's a purple expanding bubble thing), and Kel, the pally, hit this fire AoE (lights up the ground a little like molten lava) a couple times, and every one was dead in a strung out heap. That was immediately followed up with J's out and out laughter from downstairs. He told me later they knew they could take 'em easily that way, but not just how easily, and that he almost fell off the couch laughing.

Oh, and I made the an LJ icon/avatar/whatever. Has no relevance to the post, but it actually came out alright and I wanted to show it off. :)

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fun stuff08:23 AM - Mahna-mahna!

If you ever watched old Muppets stuff, you may remember this little number.


Edit: I emailed my parents the link 'cause I knew they'd get a kick out of it (my dad would randomly just say "mahna-mahna" just for the hell of it, every once in a while). My dad wrote back first to say he thought the skit first appeared on Ed Sullivan, and then sent more information about its origins.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rants02:46 PM - Grumble

How many times can I tell one particular person that I do not know how XYZ works, and that I cannot help answer question about XYZ, before he will understand that and stop asking me to answer questions about it?!


We all take turns right now answering our group email box. We each have an assigned day to watch (as well as an assigned backup day). If it's something we can answer we do so. If not, we send it to someone who can. Fine, right? We even have a one page list of who is primary and backup on what system. Except somehow, this one person on our team apparently doesn't know how to look at that list. And if it's not a reply to a message one of the rest of us already sent that has our name on it (thus he knows who to have answer it, if an answer is needed), or not one of the evidently rare things he actually has the correct responsible person for, I get them. Since we've set up the group box and the rotation of whose eyeballs are on it I must have received a dozen or more emails, all from that particular team member, asking "will you look at this" when it's something I know nothing about. I'm starting to turn blue in the face repeating myself, given that over half of them deal with the exact same subject, and every time I've sent back that I do not know that stuff. The whole flippin' point of the system we set up is so that questions get to the appropriate people as fast as possible so they can be answered efficiently. That breaks down when someone continually sends the questions to the wrong person, because that means there's an extra step involved, which we were supposed to be avoiding.

I also get every single general question about our system that everyone on the team is, or at least should be, capable of answering at this point, when it's his day on the group box. Every one. Our system uses the Java plugin, which has been a great big pain in the ass. We provide the download of the specific version they need. There are specific instructions on slapping it on a system. I expect that some % of our users either don't like following written instructions and must be verbally walked through every step. I expect that some % of our users suck at reading comprehension and following instructions but don't know it, and then write to say it "doesn't work" (which 99% of the time is because they FUBARd the instructions). Fine, no biggie. Thing is... we should, given that the aforementioned %s are not exactly low numbers, be able to lead anyone through this quite easily. He hasn't done it, he won't do it, and he still doesn't understand it. He's one of those who, if he were a user of our system, would need said handholding to get this one simple thing installed. So when he's on the box, I get every single one of those questions. He refuses to troubleshoot it, or to bother learning it. I don't know if it's an "old dog, new tricks" thing -- I expect it is -- but it's driving me ever so slowly insane. Obviously, I answer every single one; writing back something snide such as, "You know, you could start learning how to do this yourself... the rest of us can all do this, why can't you?" would be a career limiting move, and just plain nasty, and he's a really sweet person. And when I get an email asking me to help with something I know dick-all about, I try to be as polite as possible in stating that it's not my area. But damn...

I can't wait until we get to train the business analyst we finally got on how our system works and such, which will be once she's done working our schedule out for the new system rollout. Eventually the plan is to turn the group box over to her, as well as demos and training. She's amazingly quick to pick up on things, and has been soaking everything up about the things needed for our new system like a sponge, and has jumped in with both feet. So, once she has the box, she'll be able to handle lots of the questions herself, and be quick to know who to send them to for them to be answered when she can't. I can't wait. Not only will none of us have to keep an eye on it ourselves anymore, but I won't get anymore emails to help with issues I know nothing of. That will be so, so sweet.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Cats Games & Gaming Life09:27 PM - Haven't been chatty lately

I really don't know why I've withdrawn from writing about my life... perhaps I've just been feeling like it's unimportant. But, I have lots of stuff, so... here goes. I promise I'll make at least a halfassed attempt at being brief. ;)

We found out last Friday for sure what started the cat fight between Pele and Zephyr -- a cat outside the window. Pele was on the stairs and the rest of us were downstairs. All at once there was cat screaming, yowling and hissing. I'm the first to go charging up the stairs bellow-screaming at them as I go (that one hurt). Of course, by then Pele had to see what the matter was and was facing off a bit with Zephyr again, but they hadn't fought and she wasn't really growling audibly. Pele got to go downstairs where she's calmed and remains skittish for a few hours, hiding under the couch or one of the tables. Zephyr got a nice long time out in the master bathroom. Heh, when I went to check first that the screen wasn't damaged and to shut that window, and check on him, he was the most contrite, lovey kitty ever. I spent some time with him with the door closed, and man... that's the loudest I've ever heard him purr, even when he's been desperate for us to put food in their bowl. He was fine once I let him out; of course his first stop was the front window, but by then it was closed and the stray was long gone.

We decided to leave that window closed after dark. Well... Sunday night I didn't notice it'd gotten dark. Thankfully Pele was downstairs with J when the shit hit the fan and Zephyr started having fits, so he kept her there and calmed her a bit, and she ran under the couch. I got in there, and he was practically attacking the screen, with a paw on it and everything, screaming away. Mark got hold of him this time and he got another time out in the bathroom while I shut the window.

So... no more open front window at night, 100%. I've never actually seen the cat, but I have strong suspicions. There's been a couple times with the window closed that he's had yowly fits, though not screaming like that, and both times there was a particular black or grey and white blotched cat outside the window, which ran off when it saw me. I figure that's the likeliest explanation. So now he can have his occasional howling matches, but they probably won't be bad like with the window open 'cause he can't smell the other cat, only see it; I figure that's the difference. Plus he doesn't spend as much time in any windows that aren't open anyway, so he's less likely to see it.

We had dinner Saturday night at a place in Florissant called Hendel's Market. It apparently, according to a coworker who used to live in the area, that it used to be an actual "market" of sorts, but since '94 it's been a restaurant. It's in a historic building that's probably 150+ years old, which is neat. It also has outdoor seating, which is why we went -- Saturday was gorgeous. I tell ya what... this was the most excellent food. Orgasm in the mouth may be a rather strong and explicit description, but it isn't much of an exaggeration. Plus, the price was decent, just a hair less than an Olive Garden type place, and they don't give you portions fit for a lumberjack. They're not little 2-bite portions, of course, but they're actually normal. We even shared dessert. If you're ever in the area, either visiting from way out of town or living somewhere in St. Louis, you should definitely check it out. I already told J, "I could totally have birthday dinner here." Just... yum. Yummy yummy yummy!

Since J and I started playing WoW, we started off with a guild called the Teutonic Knights that Mark & Co. started. That was fine, but it was noted that there weren't always a whole lot of active members on at one time, so people were doing a lot of soloing and grouping with other random players. As J got higher and higher in level (he ended up being one of the first, and I think the first, to reach level 60), he started grouping with certain same players. Two of them in particular were in the same guild, Clandestine, and they were a similarly sized guild who also had a slight lack of active players online at any one time. So a merger was discussed amongst guild leaders on both sides, and agreed upon. We ended up merging, and becoming the Clandestine Knights. This was fine for a few weeks but it was noticed that the guild leader from the other guild plus a couple of his closer friends would flat out ignore group requests of those higher level members from TK, and also that said guild leader often "misremembered" conversations and used his version of reality to try and screw other TK members over. (The ones J grouped with didn't have this issue, and are still on his friends list.) So the decision was made to split off and formed GDI - God Damn Independents. By this point we'd added more players who're friends with original TK members so they followed as well, and now the guild is quite a bit larger and has more people online so there's more opportunity to help each other out.

All that, to say that I started a phpBB forum for the guild as we didn't have one, and that's where most of my creative efforts are focused now. I'm working on a theme for it that we can call our own, and then I'll also be looking at a way to add things on to where it's a little more fully featured, more like a portal than "just" a forum. Specifically I'll be looking for a way to have members add their characters so that they're part of their member profile, and providing the ability for the user to specify Allakhazam character profiles so they can (a) be linked to, and (b) have an RSS feed pulled for them which will let that section display some of the character's stats (not all, that's what the link is for).

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Life08:11 AM - In other news...

I went to Tori Amos' website because I read someone mention a tour... it only shows tour dates in the next few days, but what I noticed was that the site also playing samples of tracks from her album The Beekeeper. After hearing a few of those... I must have this album. I also need to pick up Scarlet's Walk; after hearing and enjoying A Sorta Fairytale on the radio and hearing some samples of the others on I think I'll enjoy it too. I guess I should put these on my wish list, if I can wait until August. :p

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Cats08:01 AM - Well, all seems to be well again

Our cats seem to be fine with each other again. When I got home both were waiting for me right next to each other on the step into the sunroom, where the door from the garage is located. There hasn't been anymore growling or yowling or hissing or fighting, and they don't seem to be wary of each other even. Now we just have to watch Zephyr's eye to make sure it's not infected from the scratch it got. It's fine so far though, so I imagine it's healing fine as well; I can't even see the scratch anymore.


listening to: Cranberries - Salvation
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Monday, April 04, 2005

Cats02:54 PM - Kitty update

I just got off the phone with the vet's office. I was told to keep an eye on their eating, drinking, and litterbox habits; if there's something off about the health of a cat it can make them extra cranky. Also, my theory that perhaps Zephyr was starting to get worked up over a stray in the front window when Pele walked in, and he suddenly flipped out and took it out on her, does actually have some weight, and could've been what started this mess.

Basically, they should probably get back to normal over time, and if it becomes an ongoing problem we can try something like Feliway to get them happy again (talking to the vet first, of course, on how to use it, what other things to do as well). And of course if they get too nasty to each other separate 'em. She also said that as long as there's no discharge from Zephyr's eye, and he's not squinting, it should be fine.

*sigh* I still hope I don't find fighting cats, or evidence of a fight, when I get home.

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Cats08:42 AM - Bleh

For any of you guys who actually don't hang out at F'opolis, or didn't see the thread... our cats have been replaced with identical-looking space alien cats who don't get along.


Seriously... around mid evening Saturday night, after having spent a few hours sleeping away happily right next to each other on the bed, they got into a fight. A real fight. I was sitting on the pot and heard Zephyr "ROWROWROWROWROOWWWW"ing in the front room, and another cat growling, and much hissing. I was all, "OH SHIT" thinking a stray had somehow come through our front window screen and they were fighting. I haphazardly finish up and run in there and find it's Pele growling and hissing, and Zephyr ROWRing and puffed up, and they were both taking swipes at each other. Both of them had bits of fur from the other caught in their claws, which thankfully had been trimmed only 3 or 4 days beforehand.

Mark came out understandably WTF?! and I asked him to see if he could grab Pele. She dashed downstairs, which was plenty good enough, and I grabbed Zephyr, carefully at first 'cause he was hissing at me too and I didn't want to get clawed or bitten a bunch. I headed for the master bathroom with him, and shut the door, trying to calm him down to no avail (his ears were less laid back but his eyes were big as saucers and his tail would not stop puffing up). Meanwhile, it turns out J had grabbed Pele while she was on the stairs and took her in the laundry room to calm her down. He somewhat succeeded, and figured they ought to be separated so he shut her in there. Zephyr wouldn't chill, so I shut him in the bathroom.

After this we headed out for a latish dinner with J's friends, and figured that'd give them a good hour to an hour and a half to calm down. We came back and let 'em out, and at first all seemed fine. They approached each other, after Pele came upstairs, sniffed noses, then kinda walked away. Then they were kinda walking up and down the hallway, wandering to different rooms as they often do, and it was fine. Then I go down the hall back to my computer, and next thing I know they're all at it again with Pele growling and Zephyr yowling. Mark had come out so they, I think, didn't get into another actual fight, but they were going apeshit. Then Pele ran for the bedroom and hid under the bed, with me failing to keep her out from under it and twisting my ankle in the process, so I shut the door so Zephyr wouldn't follow her (he tried; I had to push him out the door).

The rest of the night was spent keeping Zephyr away from the door, 'cause he kept going to it and sniffing and sometimes yowling again if he could see her through the crack between door and frame (it's hung funny, so it won't push shut 'cause it gets stuck at the top against the frame, leaving the bottom open just a bit). I brought Pele some food & water, then a litterbox. After a couple hours I figured I'd close Zephyr up so she could wander, but that didn't work really well. For starters, he wouldn't stop meowing to be let out, so Pele could hear it and wouldn't come out. Plus, the door frame on the computer room where I shut him is ripped up (I have no idea... came that way) so there's nothing holding the latch in the frame, so I had to take some long phone cord and tie it around that door handle and the closet door handle to keep him from pulling the door open. In the end, since Pele wouldn't come out anyway, when we went to bed we moved the food & water & litterbox back into the bedroom and let him out, shutting the door and blocking it with a laundry basket full of clothes.

After all that, including me going out to sleep on the couch around 9am or something, 'cause Zephyr was super lonely and pawing at our door, we figured they'd be alright. Pele was even pawing at our door to be let out, so we let them out. Then they were fine for a good hour or two, then it all started up again with the growling and the yowling and the hissing. Grr. Pele made for the bed again, so we again shut the door for a while. J also stuck Zephyr in the laundry room for a few hours, despite his loud protests, and Pele got to come out and be lovey and enjoy the open windows. Finally we figured Zephyr may have calmed down, and he likes open windows too, so he was allowed out. Almost right away Pele was growling again so she hid. This time I left the bedroom door open and just chased Zephyr away if he got near it (usually I knew this by hearing a hiss or a growl).

*sigh* They were OK last night. Pele spent the night sleeping under the bed, and Zephyr left her alone there at least (he doesn't follow her under there, it would seem). And they seemed OK this morning, once Pele had finally come out before we left. So against my better judgment we left them both free in the house. I'm hoping that even if they still have issues she'll hide under the bed, and he won't follow her there. I hope.

We still have to keep an eye on Zephyr's right eye. In the initial fight he got scratched on the surface of it. It doesn't seem to bother him, but if it starts discoloring that probably means it's infected. Also, on the advice of a few at F'opolis, including one vet, I'm going to look into getting some Feliway infusers that plug into the wall... they're cat facial pheromones, it would seem, and are supposed to be good at calming cats down or something. So I'm going to see if Petco carries it.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Life08:17 AM - Hehehehe... I like it when comic artists do stuff like this

Check out today's Get Fuzzy and today's Foxtrot.

Heheheheheee. :D

listening to: Enya - Hope Has a Place
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