Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Wedding03:53 PM - "Goin' to the chapel..."

Woo!! Last day at work until July 1, and it's almost over! Man, tonight & tomorrow are gonna be SOOO busy though. I got a ton of last-minute stuff to do. But I should be able to grab time to relax here & there, especially Thursday evening & Friday afternoon. I am so freaking excited though!!!

Okay, since I'm supposed to whine here... I think the bank may have royally screwed up somewhere. I'm somehow missing over $100 I should have, and because of that my rent check bounced (they covered it, and actually $20 for an "overdraft" ain't half bad). :(

But... I went over my entire checkbook record, which goes back to June '00, and which I know for sure was dead-on as of March due to going over my bank statements, and my math is all right. Not to mention, I took all that info & put it in a spreadsheet, and my math even checks out that way.

According to my records, and comparing w/ the list of checks & deposits in my online statement, I had $800 in when I wrote my $600 rent check (and the date it cleared). So... I'm pissed. My statement ended Monday, and I'm hoping I get it in the mail tonight or tomorrow so I have time to go over it... The woman on the phone when I asked about it, after talking over a bunch of stuff, removed it, and said I should look over the statement that comes in to look for any bank errors. (I'll have to find the last few months' statements as well, and go over those too, for comparison.)

This is the shittiest timing for this, as I don't have time right now to check this out, but if I let it lapse then it might be harder to get fixed, so I'll have to find/make the time. *sigh* :( (Life had to give me something to worry about, since I've got no wedding worries, I guess...)

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Monday, June 17, 2002

Wedding12:00 AM - 5 days to go

I'm soooo excited!! It's less than a week until Jeremy and I get married. Woohoo!!! This Saturday at 2pm. So... just a bit shy of 5 days as of this moment. And so far nothing major is going wrong, and I'm not getting nervous or too worried, just very excited. I'm sure I'll find something to worry about, but hopefully nothing huge, and hopefully the worry won't last. I'mreally looking forward to it being a wonderful day.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Wedding12:20 PM - Bubbling over with excitement!

Less than two weeks until I'm married. Yea!!! I can't believe it's so close. We finished booking all our honeymoon plans yesterday, and I'm really starting to get excited.

We're going to Vermont for a week, and it's going to be great. We have our plane tickets, rental car, etc., all booked. We're even staying at a B&B for all but the last night, and that'll be really fun. (We're staying at a motel really close to the airport on the last night, because we have a morning flight out.)

My engagement and wedding rings are at the jewelers', so they can resize the wedding ring and solder them together. My sister and I went to the bridal shop to do my final fitting for my dress, and so we're scheduled to pick it up a week from Thursday. We have all the flowers for the wedding (bouquets, my throw-away bouquet, etc.). We've heard back from almost everyone we invited, so we don't have too many people to call.

It's really coming together. Yea!

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Monday, June 10, 2002

This site02:10 PM - Remote posting

Hey, this is awesome. I'm posting this from a chat session with AIM (at least... hypothetically). I don't know if this worked, and I don't know if it'll do the archives right, but if I'm able to read this on my blog, then wahoo!

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Friday, June 07, 2002

Wedding12:00 AM - 2 weeks!

Speaking of 2 weeks, I'm getting married in two weeks. Wow. I'm starting to feel some real excitement now. I've been doing my best to be laid back and calm, so that nerves about things all going right wouldn't kick in, but all that's starting to go right out the window. No nerves so far though, just excitement. Hopefully I'll stay that way. :) I'm taking my engagement and wedding rings (the wedding ring is designed to fit together with an engagement ring, with a sort of overlap of the settings) to the Shane Co. where we bought our wedding rings, so they can resize the wedding ring to the right size (my finger is a 7½ and the wedding ring is currently a 4½!!) and solder the two together. So I don't get to see it after tomorrow afternoon until Jeremy puts it on my finger. I'm going to feel so naked; maybe I'll see if I have another ring that fits on that finger that I can wear for the next two weeks...

We should have a contract for our photographer soon. We could've had one sooner, but we needed to give him the street address & phone number for the church, so we needed to find out the right number to call, etc. I sent that to him via email Monday; he was in Canada when he got it, so he said Friday (today) would be the earliest he could get it to us. But we should have that over the weekend, maybe on Monday. Either way, is good for me.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Wedding10:52 AM - Planning is about to come to an end

Wedding plans are falling into place. Yea! We have a photographer, we have a plan for our ceremony, and more wedding RSVPs have arrived than not. So... hopefully we'll only have to phone a handful of people to find out if they're coming.

My wedding shower was a lot of fun. It was this past Sunday, and it was great. Heh... one thing I got was from Victoria's Secret, in the classic medium pink/light pink striped box with black lettering. So... before we opened the lid, I joked, "Should we vote on what color the gift is?" We actually did that... the only two people not to vote were my aunt, who bought the gift, and me. And no, it wasn't black.... ;)

Okay, I set this up for whining, so here's my whine for the week. My back hurts. Dammit. This one spot on my lower back, just a bit above my hip, to the left of my spine, has been hurting ever since I wrenched it a week ago Tuesday. It almost feels more like a bruised muscle than a sore one. I don't know if the muscle is just that sore/torn/whatever that it's taking so long to get better, or if I have something out of place, or what. Heh, not to mention, my shoulders (not just the tops, but my shoulder blades too) are sore from this past Tuesday's class. That I expect to go away sooner though. They're just sore because we all had 1-lb weights in our hands and did 80 arm circles (stick your arms out, and make little circles with 'em... we did 40 forward & 40 backward, with half straight out, and half with arms raised some). And those were tough. Oh, and we also did lots of double-reverse punches while holding the weights too. So yeah, my back is really sore.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one