Wednesday, November 21, 2001

This site12:00 AM - Which design?

Okay, yes, I've been playing again. Since I have a nice links page (which I've been added lots of link graphics to, please go check it out!) that I am using for my alternate site design (please have a look & vote on which you prefer, hint, hint...) I figured I may as well shorten my front page to take up a little less space and use the links page instead of putting the links on this one.

This, of course, meant that my "other" section would've been all by itself, so I figured instead I'd cram it up here next to the other stuff, over on the right. You like? Sign my guestbook and tell me what you think. :)

not interested in hearing you whine about this one

Monday, November 19, 2001

Cats12:00 AM - New additions

It's been a while since I posted an update, so it might be a little long. Got the web poll & definitely my cats to talk about!

First of all: no one has yet voted in my web poll!! Please, please: if you have viewed both designs and have any preference at all, even if it's just a slight one, go vote! I really do want to know what you all think about them, which you prefer.

Okay, now on to the "real" news. We now have two kitties, named Pele and Zephyr. Pele is the black/grey tabby I told you about, and we got Zephyr a couple weeks later, on December 3. He's all white with light blue eyes, and has a pink nose and slightly pink ears, very cute! At first, Pele was rather unhappy about the new edition, having been an only kitty for a whole 2 and a half weeks, and tried her best to bully him. However, between the fact that he's a very docile cat, and she was only half his size, that didn't work too well. So, she has gradually come around and can play-fight without actually fighting, and will even sleep close to him.

More about Zephyr: He's quite a bit older than Pele, with the vet having guessed his age at between 7 months and 1 year, and we figure he's about 10 months or so. He's very sweet, having been able to get along with all the other animals at the farm he was found on, including chickens and geese! He was found up a tree on the farm of a friend of my aunt's brother, and they wanted to find a home for him because they already had too many animals (including a few cats). I made an appointment with the vet, to make sure he was healthy and free of diseases (FeLV and FIV in particular), and my uncle met me there. He tested negative and got his first round of shots, and I took him home that afternoon. He's very calm and sweet, in spite of not being neutered (he's having that operation today, actually).

My dad lent me his digital camera when we first brought Pele home, and since then we've gotten tons of pictures of the two, some even together. We have more of Pele, since we've had her longer, but we have quite a few of Zephyr as well. When I get the time, I'll get to trimming them down, resizing them, and generally readying them for the internet. Then, I'll upload some and make a note here.

not interested in hearing you whine about this one