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Current Progress (last 10 days)

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Days' Remarks

July 19


I didn't end up picking up some heel cushions for under my inserts (it would appear that as much cushioning my new walking shoes have for my heels, it's still not enough, or something), and both heels were kinda sore, so I figured I'd wait another day. (Regardless of whether I get cushions, my heels should feel better enough anyway to walk tomorrow.)

July 17


Just a mile, because I didn't want to spend too long at it, since we're going out to see J's parents. Got done with a mile at 19:20. Started at 2.7mph for .05mi, then went up to 3mph, then at .25mi I went to 3.1mph, then at .28mi went to 3.2 until .85mi, came down to 3.1mph thru .9mi, then down to 3mph even until .98mi, when I dropped to 2.7mph again. After the mile I stepped down further for a short time cooldown.


On January 9, 2004 01:02 PM, Jeannie wrote:

I came here completely by accident when I was looking at a Kemo Sabi lead, but I just think this is a marvelous idea and your New Year's very commendable, brave and ....what in tarnation are you thinking??? got moxie, Kid.

Jeannie (new visitor who writes children's stories, political commentary, poetry and romance novels and whose new year's resolution is to get her own site up and running!!)

On January 15, 2004 11:32 PM, playfulkitten wrote:


Wow, thanks! I decided to do it last year, as it appeared the best way to keep up my motivation. It sorta worked, but I kept up better than I would have otherwise. I guess I don't have enough visitors to feel embarrassed by making it public. :)

Do you have any stories, commentary, or poems anywhere on the web? I know you said you want to get your site running, but I was curious if you'd submitted stuff anywhere else.

Thanks for visiting, and letting me know!