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  • das brunogekritzel

    This is an unofficial discussion board for the webcomic Bruno. It was official, but the author found himself being too often and potentially easily influenced by visiting, so when the board had to move, he also removed the link to it so as to no longer be tempted to visit.

  • PvP Forums

    It started out, before it got this URL, as the forums for the webcomic PvP Online. However, there was drama of astronomic proportions (as large communities often have) involved with moving to a new domain, and there was a great schism between artist and community. The comic has a new community, started after its move to Image, and the rift has largely been repaired in that he visits from time to time and most hard feelings and grudges have been forgiven and laid aside.

    Feel free to visit; joining is free. Just remember to read the rules, and that there's a 12 hour hiatus between registration and being able to post.